You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

We’re not mind readers but we’re pretty darn good guessers. So we’ve  gathered some top Qs and figured out the As. If you’re still feeling in  the dark, then by all means drop us a line through our contact form so we can let the light shine in.

When will my order get here?


My order has been placed. Now when will my Foodadz be on my doorstep?

Ah, the anticipation of fun packages arriving in the mail! Don’t  chase down your mail carrier just yet. Once your order has been placed  we need a day (the business kind) or two to send your Foodadz on their  merry way. Larger orders (over 200) will keep our elves a little bit  more busy so may require an extra day processing. Domestic priority mail  is usually 2-3 business days. If you placed your order on a  Monday and Saturday’s mail doesn’t bring your package, then you can hit  up your mail carrier, and us, to find out what’s up. Large orders may  require us to ship via alternate carriers such as UPS and may extend the  delivery time by a day or two. Holidays and weather may back up the  transit process as well. Sooo…if you have a deadline that is a week (7-8  regular days) from the time you place your order please let us know on  the order or in a separate email so we can use express shipping, for an  additional ship charge, to get your Foodadz to you on time.

May I have a discount?


I’m throwing a party and the budget is tight. Can you slip me a discount code?

Here’s the scoop. From time to time we offer discount codes. They are  usually for a short time frame, with little notice. So if you want to  be in the know you’ll need to join us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest)  because that’s how we’ll keep you posted. Signing up for our mailing  list will also keep you in the loop and we promise (the pinky swear  kind) to not send you a bunch of stuff that will completely bore you.

May I return my Foodadz?


I received my order and my Foodadz rock but my party was cancelled so I would like to send them back. How do I go about this?

We have the smartest most fabulous customers (and by the way…you’re  rocking your hair today) so we’re sure it was just a simple slip of the  mind when you asked this question. Remember the terms and conditions you  agreed to when placing your order? Ah, it’s all coming back to you now  isn’t it?! Foodadz leave the building with a one way ticket. No refunds,  no returns, no exceptions. If you ordered your Foodadz for a specific  date and they were delayed in transit this applies also. Sorry, we don’t  mean to sound harsh, just keeping it real. We promise you (and we don’t  make promises lightly) that there will be another (in fact many)  opportunity for Foodadz in your life.

So in other words, no.

Why do I need Foodadz in my life?


You’re right. Foodadz are super cute and fun. But, how am I going to use ‘em?

Hey listen we get it (well not totally since we created these  lovelies and all) but you know what we mean. Let’s look at a few  “shoulda” moments shall we:

You’re hosting a party (or at your bestie’s party) and one of your party-goers has a bad case of the sneezes. You’re looking forward to digging in to a delicious meal. You’re next  in line to grab your cutlery from the designated caddy but the guy in  front of you has a sneeze attack. With hands full with his plate,  cutlery, napkin etc., he doesn’t block the sneeze in time. Full on  cutlery contamination. Let’s just say…shoulda had a Foodadz!

It’s a gorgeous day for having a picnic. Cool  breeze, no bugs and good friends. The basket is packed with ribs that  are beyond delicious and that sauce, so sticky and yummy. Your tomato  salad doesn’t have quite enough of a salt n’ pepper kick. And you want  to text Sue, who was running late, to have her bring her bocce ball set  for a little fun in the sun…but your fingers are covered in BBQ goo.  Shoulda had a Foodadz!

You just grabbed an oh-so-enticing salad from the counter at the coffee shop. Walked the two blocks back to work. Sat yourself down to dig in and  bam, realize you forgot the cutlery. Now you’re looking around to see  who might pass judgment if you are caught eating directly from the salad  bowl, like a pooch. Shoulda had a Foodadz stashed in the desk drawer.